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Things you need to know about real estate investment by crowdfunding


Real Estate Investing + Crowdfunding= Real Estate Crowdfunding

In any civilized country, real estate investment is the mother of all investments that precedes stock, bond, and precious metals. Real estate opportunities are everywhere including where you live or around the world. No matter where and when, the golden rule for real estate investing is location, income, appreciation, and leverage (see About Real Estate Investing in Knowledge Center).

April 25, 2021

How We Conduct Vetting on Real Estate Investment

At MinnowCfunding, we care about our investor expectations and protection. Our team of real estate experts will do the vetting of the project and comprehensive background check of the real estate enterprise/entrepreneur. We will engage a team of real estate professionals and advisors with strong experience in underwriting residential and commercial real estate. This team will adopt a strict standa...

April 5, 2021